Quiz: If You Can Get A 10/15 On This Test, You Must Be A Cyclist


It's just a fun ride. No one will get dropped...

Test/quiz on everything cyclists need to know. Roadies. Cage. Turkeys. Handlebars. Tire pumps. Pot holes.

 Dec 30, 2016
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What is a "roadie"?
A serious wipeout
A car lover
A devoted cyclist
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What do you put in the "cage"?
Your ID
Your helmet
Your water bottle
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Where are "drop bars" found?
Road racing bikes
Beach cruisers
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How many gears does a bike with fixed gears have?
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What are "turkeys"?
Inexperienced riders
Experienced riders
The type of bird eaten at Thanksgiving
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Where is the tire pump located?
In-between the handle bars
Under the seat
On the tire
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What are pedals attached to?
The crank
The tire spokes
Your feet only
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What connects the hub to the rim?
The wire
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How much room should a man have, when standing, between him and the top tube?
5 feet
5 centimeters
5 inches
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What must cyclists adhere to?
Special police laws
The rules of the road
Pedestrian laws
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What's a "century ride"?
100 feet
100 kilometers
100 meters
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How often should you get your bike checked?
Only when it's broken
Once a year
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What should all cyclists have?
Cool riding gear
A helmet
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What's an "attack"?
A sudden attempt to pull ahead
A military mission
When you fight with your S/O
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What's a "cassette"?
An old mixed tape
A set of sprockets on the rear wheel
Metal wires near your handle bars
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