Quiz: If You Can Get 10/15 On This, You Must Have Been Raised Right

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Marie Claire

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Test/quiz on proper manners. Magic word. Please. Kate Middleton. Princesses. Politeness. Etiquette.

 Jan 12, 2017
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What's the magic word?
Bippity boppity boo
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What's the polite way to enter into a conversation?
Laugh awkwardly
"Hi!" and then just start talking
"Excuse me..."
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What shouldn't be on the table when you eat?
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How do you eat?
With your mouth open
With your mouth closed
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What should you say when you receive something?
You're welcome
Thank you
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What do you need to do with invites?
RSVP by the date specified
RSVP only if it asks you to
Don't tell anyone if you're going to show up or not
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If someone is talking to you, what shouldn't you be doing?
Being on your phone
Looking at them intently
Actively listening
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On trains/subways/commuter cars, who should you NOT give your seat up to?
A pregnant woman
A man in his 50s
A teenager with a foot cast on
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When someone is speaking, you should be doing what?
Interrupting them and telling your own story
Passively listening
Actively listening
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You should always be...?
On time
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What should you do when sneezing or coughing?
Cover your mouth and nose
Cough/sneeze into your shirt
Cough/sneeze into someone else's shirt
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What should you do when someone is walking into a building/room behind you?
Hold the door open for them
Say "sorry, I'm in a hurry" and don't hold the door
Don't hold the door open for them
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When you're inside, what should you do?
Talk above everyone else so you can say what you want
Use your inside voice
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What doesn't need to be kept secret from others?
Food preferences
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If a meal was delicious, how should the utensils be placed on the plate?
Across the plate horizontally
Criss-crossing the plate
Across the plate vertically
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