Quiz: If You Can Get 10/15 On This Test, You Could Secretly Be A New Yorker

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Walk fast & got sass?

Test/quiz about possibly being a New Yorker. Central Park. Celebrities. Fashion. Times Square. Friends.

 Dec 26, 2016

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What kinds of colors do you like to wear to work?
Florals and other pretty designs
Brighter colors
Mostly dark and neutral colors

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What's a real problem for New Yorkers?
Sidewalk rage
Road rage
Building rage

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Thoughts on Times Square?
You love it, even if it is full of tourists
You hate it and avoid at all costs
You don't mind it

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When is it okay to cross a street?
When someone else does it
When there's no cars
When the crosslight turns green

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What part of town is Bleecker Street in?
Greenwich Village

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What do you call sandwiches?

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When do "Mallomars" come out?

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What word do you hate saying to out-of-towners?

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What does "The City" mean?

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What way is "uptown"?

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What does it mean to go "cross town"?
Go east or west
Go north or south
Go to Manhattan

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What is a "bodega"?
A deli
Corner grocer
A store that sells lots of different things

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How is Houston St. pronounced?
House-ton street
Like the Texas city

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Are you always on time?
Not always
Yes. In fact, I'm always early.
Nah, I'll get there when I get there

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What's "pre-boarding"?
Having priority to get on a plane
Knowing/walking to the exact place the subway train doors open
Being able to get to work on time
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