Quiz: How Well Do You Know New Mommy Slang?

baby, mommy, new mom

Do you know what a binky is and where it goes?

Babies. New moms. Mommy and me. Pregnancy. Binkies. Cry it out. Swaddle. Sophie. Blankets. In-Vitro.

 Nov 03, 2016
1 of 10What is another term for "binky"?
baby, mommy, new mom
2 of 10What do you do with a "boppy"?
baby, mommy, new mom
A song to dance to
A type of shoe
Pillow to prop your child in or breastfeed on
3 of 10What is a "bob"?
baby, mommy, new mom
A popular boy name
A type of wild cat
A type of stroller
4 of 10What does it mean when someone asks you to grab the "ergo"?
baby, mommy, new mom
The salsa
The baby carrier
The playpen
5 of 10What does "CIO" stand for?
baby, mommy, new mom
Cry It Out
Carry It Out
Chief Information Officer
6 of 10What does "IVF" stand for?
baby, mommy, new mom
Buena Vista Pictures/ Touchstone Pictures
Ink Versus Friends
In Vitro Fertilization
In View of France
7 of 10What does "VBAC" Mean?
baby, mommy, new mom
Virtual Beds with Apple Care
Vaginal Birth After C-section
Vacation Becomes After Children
8 of 10What is a "Sophie"?
baby, mommy, new mom
A girl's name
A teething giraffe
A Disney Channel TV show
9 of 10What does it mean to "swaddle" your baby?
baby, mommy, new mom
To play baseball
To eat too much baby food
Wrapping your baby a specific way before they go to sleep
10 of 10What does "recall" mean?
baby, mommy, new mom
Remembering your past life
Your worst nightmare
A movie
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