Quiz: How Well Do You Actually Know Alexander Hamilton?


How well do you know our first Treasurer?

Test/quiz about general knowledge of Alexander Hamilton. Treasurer. Hamilton Broadway play. Lin Manuela.

 Aug 08, 2020

1 of 11What bill is Hamilton on?


2 of 11What party did Hamilton found?

The Tea Party
The Official Monster Raving Loony Party
The Federalist Party

3 of 11What was Hamilton's position in Washington's cabinet?

Secretary of Foreign Cows
Secretary of Treasury
Secretary of State

4 of 11What popular newspaper did he found?

The Guardian
The Beach Reporter
The New York Post

5 of 11Who plays him in the Broadway hit "Hamilton"?

Lin-Manuel Miranda
Barak Obama
George W. Bush

6 of 11What was Hamilton's profession?

Environmental activist

7 of 11What form of art did Hamilton dabble in?

Face painting
Circus juggling

8 of 11What university did Hamilton attend?

A debunked University of California Los Angeles
A school that is now Columbia University
College of William and Mary

9 of 11Where is Hamilton buried?

Notre Dame
St. Peter's Basilica
Trinity Church

10 of 11How did Hamilton die?

He was shot during a duel
He died of the hiccups
He was killed during the Revolutionary War

11 of 11Where was Hamilton born?

Brooklyn, NY
Weehawken, New Jersey
Charlestown, Nevis
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