Quiz: Can You Guess Where This Saying Originated?

carnival, culture

It's time to let the cat out of the bag!

Test/quiz about famous English/American sayings that are used commonly. Break a leg. Once in a blue moon.

 Jul 26, 2016
1 of 10What are the origins of this saying?
carnival, culture
"Let the cat out of the bag!"
A beer company
Flower markets
18th century street fraud
2 of 10Who is responsible for this saying?
carnival, culture
"You're pulling my leg!"
3 of 10In what place did this saying come from?
carnival, culture
"Break a leg!"
4 of 10Why do people say this?
carnival, culture
"Dressed to the nines!"
The best suits used 9 yards of fabric
You look terrible
You are driving to a gala 9 miles away
5 of 10Who said this famous saying?
carnival, culture
"Do not count your chickens before they have hatched!"
President Obama
6 of 10Where was this saying used most often?
carnival, culture
"Close but no cigar!"
7 of 10What phenomenon started this saying?
carnival, culture
"Once in a blue moon!"
When you color with two different shades of blue
When two blue whales mate
Two full moons in one calendar month
8 of 10What do the initials in this saying mean?
carnival, culture
"Mind your P's and Q's!"
Pulse and Quake
Purses and Quads
Pints and Quarts
9 of 10Which profession came up with this saying?
carnival, culture
"Rule of thumb!"
School teachers
10 of 10Where does this saying come from?
carnival, culture
"Stay on the straight and narrow!"
Matthew 7:13/14
Jesus 98:1/2
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