Quiz: Can You Answer These 22 Food Questions Every Human Should Know?

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Test/quiz about what everyone should know about food. Eating. Healthy. Sugar. Vegetables. Recipes. Cookies.

 Dec 31, 2016
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How many cups of water do you use per one cup of rice?
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What's the perfect temperature for oven-roasted chicken?
165 degrees
100 degrees
213 degrees
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What type of wine should you eat with fish?
Red wine
White wine
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What happens when you chop lettuce with a knife?
It turns brown
It turns neon
It's the perfect bite size
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What kind of knife should you use to slice tomatoes?
Pairing knife
Utility knife
Serrated knife
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What's a perfect and easy appetizer everyone should know how to put together?
A kale salad
A cheese plate
Beef potstickers
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How should you crush your garlic?
With a knife
With a pen
With your fingers
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How can you "de-stale" bread that's a day or two old?
Boil it
Microwave it
Put water on it and throw it in the oven for 10 minutes
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How can you keep your brown sugar from clumping?
Stir rice in the bag
Put marshmallows with it
Keep it flat
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How do you create clear ice cubes?
Stir the water before putting it in the freezer
Use a special chemical
Use boiling water
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How long do you usually cook pasta?
10-12 minutes
15 minutes
5-7 minutes
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About how many people does a 6 inch cake usually serve?
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How can you keep ice cream soft in the freezer?
Throw it in the microwave every ten minutes
Keep it in the fridge for long amounts of time
Put it in a ziplock bag
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When should you wash your lettuce
All the time
Only if it's from the farmers market
Only if the bag says it hasn't been washed
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What type of knife should you NOT use for cutting meat?
Chef knife
Utility knife
Filet knife
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What is "brunoise"?
Food cut into 1/8" cubes
The size of headlamps
A type of hard liquor banned in the United States
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What drink should you pair with steak?
Red wine
Moscow mules
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What should you do to kale before using it?
Massage it
Pray to it
Make an interpretive dance for it
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How can you tell if your eggs are still fresh?
They can float
They will sink in water
They smell
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What can you put in salt shakers to keep the salt from clumping?
Whole slices of bread
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How can you disinfect your sponge?
Just soak it in lots of liquid soap
Put it in the microwave
Hand wash it with another sponge
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What can you use to cut soft foods?
Paper mache
Dental floss
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