Quiz: Are You The Mom of Your Friend Group?

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Every friend group has one!

Personality test/quiz about who the mom of the friend group is. Squad. Taylor Swift. Monica Geller. Friends.

 Jun 21, 2017
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What do you do when your friend is about to drunkenly text their ex?
Encourage them to do it
Tell them to leave it until later
Confiscate their phone
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Do your friends often go to you for advice?
Yes, all the time
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On a scale of 1-10, how much do you love organizing?
Is there a negative number?
10 - I love it!
5 - when I'm in the mood to organize
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How do you cheer a friend up when they're sad?
Bring them pizza and wine
Send them a heart-felt long essay over text
Try to make them laugh
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How would your loved ones describe you?
Gets along with everyone
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Where would you love to vacation with your friends?
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What do you usually take with you when you go out?
Just my wallet
Chewing gum
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When do you like to head home after an evening out?
After 1:30am
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How many times have you looked after your drunk friends?
I've lost count
A few times
It's usually the other way around...
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Who's your favorite TV mom?
Gloria from Modern Family
Vivian from Fresh Prince of Bel Aire
Lorelai from Gilmore Girls
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Choose a meal to cook!
Pasta and bread
Chicken and Veggie Stir Fry
Mashed potatoes with green beans and roasted chicken
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Pick your celebrity crush!
Harry Styles
David Beckham
Ryan Gosling
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