The Ultimate Grey's Wedding Album

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"You'll Love Me Even When You Hate Me."

1. The Only Mer/Der Wedding We Care About

Because of their busy schedules, and because they have to save George, Meredith and Derek write down their vows on a post-it note, in one of the most romantic scenes of all Grey's history.

2. Two Words: Las Vegas

Although at the beginning of this relationship we were all for it, toward the end it became evident that it was all wrong. I mean, this was sort of a drunk Vegas wedding, anyway, right?

3. Christina and Burke - The Ending to a Beautiful and Heartbreaking Affair

The most tragic scene from this wedding is when Meredith is cutting Christina out of her wedding dress in her apartment. Christina yells to that she can't breathe and to get her out of the dress, and she's finally set free from everything Burke wanted her to be.

4. This Wedding, Which Was All Kinds of Wrong

Although a marriage didn't actually happen (thank god) between Matthew and April, it was about to. Good thing April finally got her senses together and ran after Jackson!

5. My Funny Valentine

Before Adele died from Alzheimer's, Richard did the sweetest thing and gave his wife one more wedding. They dance to "Funny Valentine," and our hearts melted away.

6. The "Oh-Will-You-Two-Just-Stop-Fighting-And-Get-Married-Already" Couple

After much convincing on his end, Catherine FINALLY accepts Richard's proposal, and after a few fights and broken engagements, they FINALLY get married.

7. When Callie and Arizona Married and It Was Beautiful and Perfect

Oh Calzona, we had such high hopes for you.

8. These Soulmates

When Bailey and Ben got married, we were so happy because it was like Shonda finally gave Bailey something good and perfect.

9. The Most Perfect Grey's/Mercy West Couple

These two were so meant to be it's not even funny. Now if only they'd just realize that and stop fighting!

10. The Sweetest Wedding

Even though it was supposed to be Meredith's wedding, we are happy that Alex and Izzie ended up tying the knot - but it only ended up hurting them later.

11. This Sort of Fraudulent Wedding...?

Okay, so technically Teddy only married Henry so that he could have access to health insurance, but they did end up falling in love... but then it was Denny all over again. SOBS

12. This Almost-Didn't-Happen-Whirlwind Weddign

When Amelia and Owen tie the knot at the end of season 12, it's really great but also a little heartbreaking for a few reasons: 1. Amelia's family won't come out to support her; 2. Derek is dead and can't walk her down the aisle; 3. Owen still hasn't said a word to Christina, who still may or may not be the love of his life; and 4. Meredith and Nathan share a moment, only for it to be ruined when Maggie says "I really like him. And I think he likes me." OH GREY'S SISTER DRAMA...

13. Derek and Meredith (part 2)

When these two actually got married at city hall. Not nearly as romantic as the post-it wedding, but at least now it's official!

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