A Definitive Ranking of Meredith Grey's Lovers


Us slutty mistresses have to stick together!

1. George O'Malley


This one was just so painfully awkward for anyone and everyone involved. Never should have happened.

2. Finn Dandridge

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While we're always a fan of McVet, we're kind of glad he didn't work out... The sexual tension between Meredith and Derek was perfect during this little relationship.

3. Will Thorpe


We're still hoping Will will stop waiting for Meredith and just show up again!!

4. Nathan Riggs


Ohh, they are sooooo cute and funny together! And they both know a thing or two about loss, which doesn't hurt!

5. Derek Shepherd


How could you not forever and always ship these two? No one will ever be able to replace McDreamy!

Remember any more of Meredith's relationships?


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