5 Types of Fictional Female Presidents

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Here's a list of the 5 ways that fictional women get elected to the Oval Office. And let me tell you, none of them look very good. We're going off of this article from Nerve.com!

1. In the Genre of Science Fiction


In certain books, movies, and tv, where the world is located in a science fiction-like universe, pop culture has seen many female presidents. However, when you pair alien takeovers, flying cars, and mutants with a woman in the Oval Office, it all makes sense that this equals a distant and disorienting future. Thank you, Sci-Fi.

Some examples of this genre are: K.A. Applegate's Remnants and Jack McDevitt's Moonfall.

2. After a Male President (AKA a Real President) Dies


While in real life only eight sitting presidents have died, in the fictional world, it happens much more often. So, in novels such as First Hubby, the female vice president takes Office when her male boss dies of some unexpected reason. In Scandal, VP Sally Langston only takes office for a little while until her boss can recover from an assassination attempt.

In other movies and tv shows, it isn't just enough that the male president dies, but sometimes the woman wants the job so bad that she kills off all men (Y: The Last Man), a woman was the only survivor of a nuclear war (Alas, Babylon), or the teenager daughter of Mr. President takes office after everyone in the government is called by aliens (Mars Attacks! - but this can also go under list item #1).

3. Women Are Either Corrupt or Incompetent


In this section, fictional female presidents are either corrupt or incompetent to be in Office for any number of reasons. Sometimes, she's a cold-blooded killer (Prison Break), sometimes she's almost perfect, but then gets distracted by her beautiful mob boss (Mafia!), and sometimes she's so corrupt that she causes international crises or commits suicide to avoid having war criminal charges brought against her (The Eclipse Trilogy and Coyote, respectively).

How nice to know that the media really believes that women can be in a position of power without secretly being terrible human beings.

4. The Media Can Be VERY Anti-Femminist, And They Aren't Afraid to Show It.


Well, this one is the most obvious, and perhaps the most infuriating. While these female presidents have served their country well, most of them eventually step down from Office to assume the traditional role of wife: pregnant and in the kitchen.

Or, another great example of anti-feminism is when President Rose Ambrose of National Lampoon has sex with the president to get ahead, and then becomes president when he dies of a heart attack (during sex). Later however, she's gunned down by a group of bad guys, including the former First Lady.

Way to go, America.

5. The Actual Great Presidents


While these women are few and far between, when they do come, it's like a breath of fresh air. Examples are President Allison Taylor (Cherry Jones) on 24 and Laura Roslin (Mary McDonnell) on Battlestar Galactica.

What We're Saying Is: We Need More Great Fictional Female Presidents!

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