27 Pictures of the Grey's Men That Will Make You Sweat Through Your Scrubs


What is it About Men?

1. When Alex Wears a Suit

2. When Andrew DeLuca is More Like Andrew DeLicious

3. When McSteamy Happens

4. When Derek Wears a Bow Tie

5. When Dr. Burke Wears His Glasses

6. When George is in Uniform

7. When Owen's Eyes are the Bluest

8. When Dylan Hadn't Blown Up Yet

9. When Ben Showed Us He Could do Anything

10. When Kyle Diaz Became "Denny The Second"

11. When Alex Went Shirtless to Save a Baby

12. When Shonda Added ANOTHER Hot Military Doctor

13. When One Military Doctor is From New Zealand

14. When Richard Became Our Favorite Wingman

15. When Denny Knew How To Make Us Blush

16. When Karev Makes Knowing He's Sexy, Sexy

17. When Mark Talks Dirty

18. When Derek is Out in the Woods

19. When All We Can Do is Ogle at Jackson

20. When Kyle Wasn't Dying

21. When We Just Wanted Another Reason to Look at DeLuca

22. When McSteamy Walked Out of a Shower For The First Time...

23. When McDreamy Was in a Bathtub

24. When Jackson Stops April From Marrying Matthew

25. When Derek Got Shot & Not a Hair Was Out of Place

26. When Derek Admits This...

27. And Finally, When Derek Becomes a Dad

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If you have any more scenes in mind where the men of Grey's Anatomy make you sweat through your scrubs, write a comment below!

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