The Most Tragic Deaths of Grey's Anatomy Ranked

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Shonda, you're killing us!

1. When McDreamy... We Can't Even Say It.

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Derek died saving others, and because of Perfect Penny, he did not get the head CT he deserved, and every single woman in the world had her heartbroken. Shonda, we won't ever forgive you.

2. When Those Elevators Opened

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And George steps into view and all we could do was cry, and cry, and cry, because Bambi was gone and we knew it. He was already in the light.

3. When Alex Finally Tells His Dad Who He Is...

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... And then his dad dies. It's heartbreaking for us to watch as Alex finally has to let go and forgive everything this man has ever done to him and his family.

4. When Mark Broke Everyone

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He leaves us with amazing parting words just two episodes after the love of his life, Lexie, dies. His two best friends, Derek and Callie, sit at his bedside as his life support is unplugged and McSteamy officially leaves us.

5. When Little Grey Died

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Cries FOREVER This was the second saddest death on Grey's as we watched Lexie die in front of her all-time love Mark Sloan. In Heaven we know that they have a big house with lots of children and we have to know that it's beautiful where they are.

6. When Shonda Thought We Could Live Through Another "Denny"

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Almost exactly like Denny, only ten years later. This was hard because it killed not only Stephanie, but also all of us as we watched her watch him die down in the OR because Jo wasn't fast enough to run up to the gallery.

7. When Cristina Kills Henry

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Of course, she doesn't mean to kill Teddy's husband, but it ends up happening anyway. There are two heartbreaking moments here: First, when Cristina finds out that it was Henry on the table (she didn't know who it was during surgery) and second, when Teddy sits at his side in the OR and cries over his dead body.

8. When George Joins the "Dead Dad's Club"

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After Harold O'Malley dies, Cristina finds George and comforts him. It's a beautiful scene between two friends who seemed to have nothing in common, but then the biggest thing brings them together.

9. When "Chasing Cars" First Destroyed Us

The first person to die on Grey's Anatomy that really rocked us to the core was Denny. His surgery went beautifully, but then an unseen blood clot killed him hours after he and Izzie got engaged, and right before she went up to see him.

10. When Meredith Became Extraordinary

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This touching scene between mother and daughter finally gave Meredith everything she needed: approval to become who she wanted to be and the OK to not die, and to not give up.

11. When Susan Grey Randomly Died of the Hiccups

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The worst part about this death was that Meredith and Susan were finally warming up to each other. After she died, Meredith wasn't allowed to go to the funeral when her father showed up and slapped her in the face.

12. When Doc Brings Meredith & Derek Together

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Nobody likes it when a dog dies, especially Doc, who tore Meredith and Derek apart but also finally brought them back together again. Meredith says almost the exact same thing to Doc at the end of Season 2 that she does to Derek when she decides to let them go.

13. When Richard Finally Let Go

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Adele's death from Alzheimers was the second death of a loved one Richard lost to that disease. The most heart breaking part about her death is that Richard and Meredith cry about it at Bailey's wedding, while she just dances her night away.

14. When Craig Died & Cristina Finally Returned to Seattle

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This was terribly sad, as Craig was Cristina's only friend at the Mayo Clinic, and he died right in front of him, but his death also gave Cristina the go-ahead to move back to Seattle, which is something everyone was rooting for. (Also special 90s kid shout out to Mr. Feeny!)

15. When Bailey's Patient Died Unexpectedly

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Mary Portman survived the shooting, only to die a few months later for seemingly no reason at all. The reason this death was so heartbreaking was because this episode was a documentary-like style episode, and Grey's went totally in-depth.

16. When Mouse Was Electrocuted

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And chaos went into full throttle, as Webber was also electrocuted and Shane went into a downward spiral... Poor Heather - she was too sweet to leave us.

17. When Charles Told Bailey Not to Lie to Him

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And she didn't lie to him. I have to admit, I was never a big Charles fan, but I was sad when his death came. It was beautiful and terrible and so honest.

18. When Reed Was Shot in a Supply Closet

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This death didn't rock us to the core, but it was certainly a shocker and did end up bringing deaths to this show that would rock us to the core.

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