16 Times Babysitting Made You Say NOPE.

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From the kids to the parents, sometimes babysitting is just too hard to handle.

1. When parents text you to say they're gonna be a little later than they originally thought


I'd better get paid overtime for this.

2. When it's your job to kill/get rid of spiders


Yeah, no thanks.

3. When the child doesn't get their way, so they pee or scream or hold their breath until you give in


Nope. Go away.

4. When kids pick their noses and want to show you their buggers



5. When you spend time cleaning up one mess only to turn around and find an even larger one


If I pretend I saw nothing, can I just not clean it up?

6. When you and the kid have nothing to talk about


You're bored? Me too.

7. When the kid tells you something weird or creepy

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Nope nope nope nope nope!!!

8. When you have to fight the kid to eat his vegetables


The struggle is real.

9. When the kid is sick with some horrible cold/flu /or most likely the plague


Get me outta here RIGHT NOW.

10. When kids start asking about different body parts or how babies are made


Babies come from storks.

11. When you get Disney songs stuck in your head all day long forever


I swear to God, if I hear that song one. more. time.

12. When you know every character and plot line to Jake & the Neverland Pirates but you don't know what happened last night on The Bachelor


can't go on Internet because spoilers

13. When the parents ask: "So, how much do we owe you?"


And in your head you're thinking one million dollars, but in realty, it's just like $40.

14. When other adults think the kids are your kids...

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Um, no. Bye.

15. When you become a human canvas


No thanks.

16. When the parents give you a list of ridiculous dos and don'ts



Have any other stories of when babysitting made you say nope? Comment below!

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