13 Tweets About Teenagers That Are Depressingly Real


It's about to get really real.

1. When getting out of bed is literally the hardest


The worst thing in the world is getting out of bed when it's just so comfy and inviting.

2. When a new song comes out or a new season hits Netflix


Let's just go all Ferris Bueller and call in for a sick day.

3. When you just want tacos


Because let's face it - tacos are at least a weekly crave

4. When you have to convince yourself that something can be healthy


French fries are vegetables, right???

5. When your sport isn't recognized by the Olympics


I'd win a gold medal if you only gave me the chance!!!

6. When you're trying to vamp up your resume


So, what's not appropriate to put on my resume? drinks a gallon of milk in 10 seconds

7. When you go back to school after summer and it's like...



8. When you can remember the circumference of the sun but not the important things


How old am I again?

9. When you feel like you can't solve anything...


But the good news is, probably nobody else can either. Don't worry, just listen to Lemonade and you'll survive.

10. When someone talks to you about important things during the worst times


Like, just let me go pee in peace!

11. When You Have No Money...


The Bank of Mom needs to step it up and help a girl out!

12. When you just can't with the Kardashian/Jenner family..


How does their life happen??

13. When this is literally all we're thinking about right now


Trump? Hillary? Australia? Canada?

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