How Well Do You Remember "Singin' in the Rain"?

singin in the rain, celebs, movies/tv
"Singin' In The Rain" via MGM

"If you think sunshine brings you happiness, then you haven't danced in the rain!"

Singin' in the Rain. Gene Kelly. Debbie Reynolds. Donald O'Connor. Stanley Donen. Love Story. Musical. Comedy.

 May 23, 2017
1 of 10Don Lockwood is a __________ Star.
Gene Kelly, singing in the rain, movie, musical, love story, comedy, celebs, movies/tv
Loew's Inc.
Silent film
2 of 10Who is Don's First Leading Lady?
Lina Lamont, singing in the rain, dancing, performing, Jean Hagen, celebs, movies/tv
Loew's Inc.
Maria VonTrapp
Lina Lamont
Kathy Seldon
3 of 10What is Don's Life Motto?
singing in the rain, Gene Kelly, Don Lockwood, rain, love story, comedy, musical, romance, happiness, celebs, movies/tv
Loew's Inc.
"Let's sing in the rain!"
"Love means never having to say you're sorry."
"Dignity, always dignity."
4 of 10How Does Don Meet Kathy?
singing in the rain, Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, Don Lockwood, Kathy Selden, musical, love story, comdey, celebs, movies/tv
Loew's Inc.
By jumping into her car
By meeting her in a grocery store
By seeing her perform
5 of 10Kathy Says She's a Stage Star, But She Actually is...?
singing in the rain, Kathy Selden, Debbie Reynolds, comedy, musical, love story, celebs, movies/tv
Loew's Inc.
A ticket seller
A costume designer
A chorus girl
6 of 10What's Wrong With Lina's Voice?
singing in the rain, Lina Lamont, Jean Hagen, musical, romance, comedy, love story, celebs, movies/tv
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She has a lisp
She has a thick New York accent
She is camera shy and won't speak
7 of 10The Talkie "The Dueling Cavalier" Turns Into...?
singing in the rain, The Dueling Cavalier, Lina Lamont, Don Lockwood, Gene Kelly, musical, talkie, romance, comedy, celebs, movies/tv
Loew's Inc.
A musical, titled "The Dancing Cavalier"
A tragedy, titled "The Dead Cavalier"
A musical, titled "The Sound of Music"
8 of 10How Does Kathy Save the Day?
singing in the rain, Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, comedy, love story, musical, Don Lockwood, Kathy Selden, celebs, movies/tv
Loew's Inc.
She designs costumes out of rags for Don and Lina
She brings Don coffee when he starts to fall asleep on set
She sings for Lina behind a curtain
9 of 10What Does Lina do to Kathy?
singing in the rain, Lina Lamont, Jean Hagen, blackmail, romance, musical, comedy, celebs, movies/tv
Loew's Inc.
Lina steals Don away from her
Lina keys her car
Lina blackmails her
10 of 10What Happens to Don and Kathy?
Singin' in the Rain via Loew's Inc.
They fall in love and star in their new musical "Singin' in the Rain"
Kathy runs away from the movie set, never to be seen again
They don't end up together because Don falls in love with Lina
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