Quiz: How Many Boston Words Do You Actually Know?

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How "Wicked" Smart Are You?

Boston. Slang. Bagged. Chowder. Packie. Red Sox. Thick accents. Baseball. Regional. New England. Massachusetts.

 Jul 14, 2018
1 of 18What Does This Mean:
I'm headed to "Dunkies" do you want anything?
You're on your way to Dunkin' Donuts
You're going to the local diner
You're heading into town to shop
2 of 18What Does This Mean:
A Bostonian probably wouldn't call it this, but which of these is a nickname for Boston?
3 of 18What Does This Mean:
I'm going to a "rippah" tonight do you wanna come?
A chill kickback
A huge party
A poetry reading
4 of 18What Does This Mean:
What do you call someone who is a jerk in Massachusetts?
A Masserk
A Masshole
5 of 18What Does This Mean:
What are you doing at a "spa?"
Getting a facial
Ordering a sandwich
Getting a beer
6 of 18What Does This Mean:
That's right, I'm headed to "the Cape" for the summer.
Cape Canaveral
Cape May
Cape Cod
7 of 18What Does This Mean:
I'm picking up a couple of "grinders" for lunch. I'll get you one!
8 of 18What Does This Mean:
I've been out of town, but I'm so happy to come home to "Mass."
A church service
Your dog named Mass
9 of 18What Does This Mean?
He got "bagged" last night.
He bagged up his own groceries
He was wicked tired last night
He was arrested
10 of 18What Does This Mean:
Yeah, she "banged a u-ey."
She stubbed her toe
She slept with someone
She made a quick u-turn
11 of 18What Does This Mean:
What is the official doughnut of Massachusetts?
A Massachusetts Marbled
A Boston Bagelnut
A Boston Cream
12 of 18What Does This Mean:
Vince... what a "chowderhead!"
Someone who really loves clam chowder
An idiot
Someone who is hilarious/sarcastic
13 of 18What Does This Mean:
Dude, did you see that "D-tech?"
Undercover police car
Techy person or hipster
Computer technician
14 of 18What Does This Mean:
I really don't like that guy, he's such a "igit"!
Door stop
15 of 18What Does This Mean:
I'm popping over to the "packie."
A grocery store
A Liquor Store
16 of 18What Does This Mean:
Did you see the "Sox" last night? Wild!
The Boston Red Sox
An article of clothing you put on your feet
17 of 18What Does This Mean:
I'm headed to "the Vineyard" for the long weekend!
Napa Valley
Your favorite local vineyard
Martha's Vineyard
18 of 18What Does This Mean:
You got front row seats to the concert? That's "wicked" cool.
So cool it's wicked
So cool, it's suspicious
Another way to say very
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