Quiz: Can You Pass the Ultimate "Top Gun" Test?

top gun, movies/tv

"You were in a 4g inverted dive with a MiG28?"

Top Gun. Tom Cruise. Kelly McGillis. Tony Scott. Military. Flying. Goose. Maverick. Iceman. Action. Drama.

 Jun 15, 2016
1 of 10What Kind of Jet Do Maverick & Goose Fly?
top gun, movies/tv
Paramount Pictures
The Challenger Space Shuttle
F-14A Tomcat
Commercial Jet Boeing 747
2 of 10What Stunt Does Maverick Pull at the Beginning of the Movie?
top gun, movies/tv
Paramount Pictures
He Gives a MiG-28 Pilot the Finger
He Races a Pilot
He Does Seven Flips
3 of 10Where is the Top Gun School Located?
top gun, movies/tv
Paramount Pictures
NAS Enterprise
NAS Miramar
The Pentagon
4 of 10What Does Maverick Say to After Iceman Says This:
top gun, movies/tv
Paramount Pictures
"You Can Be My Wingman Anytime."
"No Thanks."
"Bullshit! You Can Be Mine!"
"Okay! Let's Go to the Bar!"
5 of 10Who is Charlie Blackwood?
top gun, movies/tv
Paramount Pictures
An Astrophysicist and Civilian Top Gun Instructor
Iceman's Lover
A Fighter Pilot
6 of 10What Does Viper Teach Maverick?
top gun, movies/tv
Paramount Pictures
The Importance of Teamwork
How to do Flips
The Importance of Individual Ability
7 of 10What Happens to Goose?
top gun, movies/tv
He Goes Home to his Wife
He Decides Not to be Partners With Maverick
He's Killed During Training
8 of 10Who Said:
top gun, movies/tv
Paramount Pictures
God, He Loved Flying With You Maverick. But he Would've Done it Anyway Without You. He'd Have Hated it, But he Would've Done It."
Carole, Goose's Wife
9 of 10What Happens at the Top Gun Graduation Party?
top gun, movies/tv
Paramount Pictures
They Go Through One Last Training Exercise
They Drink Heavily
They Are Called Away for a Crisis with the USS Enterprise
10 of 10Where Does Maverick End Up?
top gun, movies/tv
Paramount Pictures
As a Top Gun Instructor
As a Teacher at a University
As a Fighter Pilot Aboard the USS Enterprise
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