Quiz: Can You Pass The Ultimate Mean Girls Quiz?

mean girls

Let's Make 'Fetch' Happen

Mean Girls. Cady Heron. Regina George. Tina Fey. Rachel McAdams. Lindsay Lohan. Mark Waters. Fetch. Glenn Coco.

 Jun 07, 2016
1 of 16Where Did Cady and Her Parents Move From?
mean girls, Lindsay Lohan, movies/tv, celebs, school
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South Africa
Eastern Europe
North Africa
2 of 16Who Befriends Cady on her First Day?
mean girls, movies/tv
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Aaron Samuels and Kevin Gnapoor
Janis and Damian
Ms. Norbury
3 of 16What Metaphor Does Cady Give to Old Orchard Mall?
mall, scene, mean, girls, jungle, watering, hole, africa, high, school, cady, heron, regina, george, gretchen, karen, lindsay, lohan, rachel, mcadams, animals, celebs, movies/tv, pop culture, fashion
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The Amazon Rainforest
Watering Hole in Africa
A Japanese Sushi Restaurant
4 of 16What is Not Said About Regina George?
regina, george, mean, girls, rachel, mcadams, the, plastics, head, clique, boss, sass, villian, bus, celebs, movies/tv, pop culture, school
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"I Hear Her Hair is Insured for $1000"
"Regina George has Three Heads"
"John Stamos Met Her on a Plane & Told Her She Was Pretty"
5 of 16What Do Cady and Janis Give Regina?
mean girls, movies/tv
Tighter Clothes So She Feels Like She's Gaining Weight
Shoes Stuffed With Rocks
Foot Cream and Kälteen Bars
6 of 16What's the "Burn Book"?
mean girls, mr duvall, teacher, riot, school, movies/tv
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Mr. Duvall's Book of Students He Dislikes
The Plastic's Insult/Rumor Book
Cady's Old Homework Assignments She Wants to Burn
7 of 16Who is Invited to Cady's House Party?
mean, girls, cady, heron, janis, ian, damian, lindsay, lohan, high, school, lunch, ditching, celebs, movies/tv, food & drinks, pop culture, relationships
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Gretchen and Karen
Mr. Duvall
Ms. Norbury
8 of 16How Many People Felt "Personally Victimized by Regina George?"
mean girls, movies/tv
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Regina's Mom
The Entire School, Including Ms. Norbury and Mr. Duvall
Cady's Parents
9 of 16Who Says This Quote:
mean, girls, gretchen, weiners, karen, smith, cady, heron, burn, book, celebs, beauty, movies/tv, pop culture, school
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"Why should Caesar get to stomp around like a giant while the rest of us try not to get smushed under his big feet?"
Cady's Mom
10 of 16What Sport Does Regina George End Up Playing Her Senior Year?
mean girls
She's the New Weather Girl
She's a Member of the Mathletes
11 of 16Who is Not Written about in the Burn Book?
burn book, mean girls
Ferris Bueller
Regina's Mom
12 of 16What Does the Foot Cream Smell Like?
mean girls
Apple Juice
Old Bandaids
13 of 16What Special Talent Does Karen Think She Has When It Rains?
mean girls
She Shines Like Diamonds in the Sun
She's Knows Every Episode of Law & Order
Her Boobs Can Tell When It's Raining
14 of 16What Color is Regina's Spring Fling Dress
mean girls
Neon Yellow
Dark Red
Light Pink
15 of 16What Did Regina Forbid Gretchen From Wearing?
mean girls
The Juicy Sweatsuit Her Grandmother Gave Her
The Kitty-Cat Halloween Costume
The White Gold Hoops Her Parents Gave Her
16 of 16What Does Cady Accuse Ms. Norbury Of Being?
mean girls
A Ghost
A Drug User
An Escort
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