Quiz: Can You Pass This Ultimate LOTR Character Quiz?

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How well do you remember these famous characters from the Lord of the Rings movies?

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If you think you are worthy of the ring and consider yourself to be the ultimate LOTR fan then it's time to try your luck with a trial by quiz! Take this trivia quiz and see if you can name ALL of these characters pulled from all the movies and see if you are as smart as Galadriel. We must warn you though, this quiz is not for just any fan and if you can't remember who was first to seek the ring, the significance of the "two towers", or any Elvish words, then you might not make it through this challenging test. Not even Gandalf can help you with this, so no cheating! Think you are an expert when it comes to the many faces who have come and many that have gone? Hit play and let's find out!

Wondering what score you'll get on this Lord of the Rings character quiz? Lord of the Rings is an epic 3-film adventure based on the famous novel written by J. R. R. Tolkien. LOTR is the saga of a hobbit who goes on a quest to destroy a malevolent ring and the Dark Lord, the ring's creator. The future of civilization rests in the fate of this ring, so you know, no pressure.

Want to know more about Lord of the Rings? Well, did you know that the LOTR movie trilogy was originally only going to be two films? It was also suggested that the material only be condensed into one film! Clearly the right choice was made in the end.

Also, Sauron is not the evilest villain in Middle Earth. He was once a vassal of Morgoth, aka Middle Earth's devil. Scary!

Stuart Townsend also didn't play the role of Aragorn, because it was offered to Nicolas Cage first! Oh how different that character would've been...

If you want more LOTR quizzes, you can check in here! Until then, take this Lord of the Rings quiz to see how many characters you can name!

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