Can You Name These 2000s Teen Movies From One Image?

princess diaries, Anne Hathaway, princess, movies/tv, pop culture

How Well Do You Know These Teen Movies From the 2000s? Find Out Right Now!

2000s Teen Movies. Romantic Comedies. Dramas. Adventures. Celebs. Young. Teen. Anne Hathaway. Lindsay Lohan. Amanda Bynes.

 Jun 06, 2017
1 of 20Choose the Correct Movie:
mean girls, mr duvall, teacher, riot, school, movies/tv
Paramount Pictures
Cinderella Story
Mean Girls
2 of 20Choose the Correct Movie:
princess, Diaries, mia, mom, anne, hathaway, beach, romance, comedy, drama, queen, responsibility, celebs, movies/tv, pop culture
Buena Vista Pictures
Charlie Bartlett
Another Teen Beach Movie
The Princess Diaries
3 of 20Choose the Correct Movie:
cinderella, story, Hilary, Duff, cell, phone, old, Friends, love, emailing, texting, high, school, celebs, movies/tv, pop culture
Warner Bros. Pictures
17 Again
John Tucker Must Die
A Cinderella Story
4 of 20Choose the Correct Movie:
john, Tucker, Must, die, Sophia, bush, romance, comedy, sabotage, pills, hormones, basketball, cheerleading, vegans
20th Century Fox
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
John Tucker Must Die
She's the Man
5 of 20Choose the Correct Movie:
Legally, blonde, Warner, Vivian, Elle, woods, Reese, Witherspoon, celebs, movies/tv, pop culture
Sweet Home Alabama
Legally Blonde
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
6 of 20Choose the Correct Movie:
She's The Man
Paramount Pictures
Wild Child
She's the Man
7 of 20Choose the Correct Movie:
sweet, home, alabama, patrick, Dempsey, Reese, Witherspoon, romance, comedy, dogs, glass, fashion, South, NYC, celebs, movies/tv, pop culture, relationships
Buena Vista Pictures
Sweet Home Alabama
Sixteen Candles
Just Like Heaven
8 of 20Choose the Correct Movie:
17, Again, Zac, Efron, Thomas, Lennon, comedy, romance, star, wars, cosplay, celebs, movies/tv, pop culture
New Line Cinema
Knocked Up
17 Again
High School Musical
9 of 20Choose the Correct Movie:
juno, high school, teen pregnancy, cult favorites, oscar wins, movies/tv
Fox Searchlight Pictures
Save the Last Dance
Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging
10 of 20Choose the Correct Movie:
Freaky, Friday, switchup, pajamas, lindsay, lohan, jamie, lee, Curtis, funny, comedy, celebs, movies/tv, pop culture, family
Buena Vista Pictures
Freaky Friday
Mean Girls
The Parent Trap (1998)
11 of 20Choose the Correct Movie:
Not, Another, Team, movie, jamie, Prestley, comedy, bad, girls, celebs, movies/tv
Columbia Pictures
Bring It On
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
Not Another Teen Movie
12 of 20Choose the Correct Movie:
Walk, To, Remember, romance, drama, teenagers, tutoring, school, Mandy, Moore, celebs, movies/tv, relationships
Warner Bros.
A Walk to Remember
Dear John
The Notebook
13 of 20Choose the Correct Movie:
sisterhood, traveling, pants, girls, best, Friends, greece, travels, worldly, drama, romance, heartbreak, alexis, bledel, blake, lively, america, Ferrara, celebs, movies/tv, family, relationships, pop culture, travel, books
Warner Bros.
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
Step Up
Green Lantern
14 of 20Choose the Correct Movie:
charlie, Bartlett, teen, drugs, selling, lost, romance, drama, comedy, fitting, in, Robert, Downey, Jr, celebs, movies/tv, relationships, family
What's Eating Gilbert Grape?
Charlie Bartlett
15 of 20Choose the Correct Movie:
Save The Last Dance, movies/tv
Paramount Pictures
Bring It On
Step Up
Save the Last Dance
16 of 20Choose the Correct Movie:
17 of 20Choose the Correct Movie:
twilight, vampires, romance, love, relationships, school, hunted, undead, humans, baseball, Robert, Pattinson, kristen, stewart, celebs, movies/tv, family, books
Summit Entertainment
Not Another Vampire Movie
18 of 20Choose the Correct Movie:
wild, child, emma, roberts, england, Malibu, sassy, school, boarding, entitled, lacrosse, romance, comedy, celebs, movies/tv, relationships
Universal Pictures
Pretty Woman
Some Kind of Wonderful
Wild Child
19 of 20Choose the Correct Movie:
13, Going, On, 30, Jennifer, Garner, thriller, mark, Ruffalo, dance, back, stabbing, friendship, love, do-overs, celebs, movies/tv, pop culture, relationships
Columbia Pictures
Sixteen Candles
13 Going on 30
Ghost of Girlfriend's Past
20 of 20Choose the Correct Movie:
When in Rome
Napoleon Dynamite
The Benchwarmers
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