Quiz: Can You Ace This "Grey's Anatomy" Challenge?


Alright Everybody, It's A Beautiful Day To Save Lives.

Grey's Anatomy. Meredith Grey. Derek Shepherd. McDreamy. Christina Yang. Ellen Pompeo. Patrick Dempsey. Sandra Oh.

 Jun 14, 2016
1 of 20Which Intern is Nicknamed "007" on His/Her First Day?
Buena Vista Home Entertainment
2 of 20Who is the First Person to Call Derek "McDreamy?"
Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Dr. Bailey
3 of 20Who is Adele?
Buena Vista Home Entertainment
A Spanish Royal
Richard Webber's Wife
A Popular British Singer
4 of 20Who Comes to Seattle Grace at the End of Season 1?
Taylor Swift
Addison Montgomery
Mark Sloan
5 of 20What Doesn't Cristina Tell Burke?
She's Pregnant
She's Moving to Chicago
She's Married to Another Man
6 of 20Who Does Izzie Fall In Love With?
Denny Duquette
Jack Sparrow
Owen Hunt
7 of 20What Happens to Denny?
Buena Vista Home Entertainment
He Dies
He Dumps Izzie
He and Izzie Marry
8 of 20What Does Burke Let Christina Do?
Let Her Switch Practices
Help Preform his Surgeries
Buy Him Alcohol
9 of 20Lexie is Who's Sister?
Buena Vista Home Entertainment
10 of 20Who is Derek's Girlfriend in Season 4?
11 of 20Meredith Builds a House of What for Derek?
Paper Mache
12 of 20What is Mark and Callie's Daughter's Name?
Blue Ivy
13 of 20Who Does Izzie Tell About Her Cancer?
Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Richard Webber
14 of 20Where Does Derek Propose to Meredith?
In an Elevator
On a Ferry Boat
At a 5 Star Restaurant
15 of 20Why is George Leaving Seattle Grace?
To Join the Army
To Be With His Family
Because He Doesn't Like Meredith Anymore
16 of 20What Two Hospitals Merge in Season 6?
Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Grey Hospital and Sloan Hospital
Seattle Grace & Mercy West
John Hopkins and UCLA
17 of 20Who Saves Derek's Life After He is Shot?
18 of 20Why Does Meredith Tamper with the Alzheimer's Trial?
Buena Vista Home Entertainment
To Save Her Mother's Life
To Try to Save Adele's Life
Because She's Mad at Derek
19 of 20Why Do Callie and Arizona Divorce?
Disney–ABC Domestic Television
Arizona Cheats on Callie
Callie Wants to Marry Mark Sloan
Callie is Moving to NYC
20 of 20Where Does Callie Move To After Season 12?
Buena Vista Home Entertainment
New York
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