Baltimore Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many Of These Words Do YOU Know?


Baltimore. Maryland. Slang. Thick accents. Hairspray. Musicals. New England. Bamma. Off Brand. Loafed.

 Apr 14, 2018

1 of 18Pick one!

"Hairspray" refers to _____.
A restaurant in Baltimore
A musical set in Baltimore
A hair salon in Baltimore

2 of 18Pick one!

The initials of the B & O Railroad stand for Baltimore and _____.

3 of 18Pick one!

If someone mentions the "Orioles," they're talking about _____.

4 of 18Pick one!

"Old Bay" refers to _____.
a brand of beer
a bay of water
crab cake seasoning

5 of 18Pick one!

If someone is talking about the "Ravens," they're talking about _____.

6 of 18Pick one!

This slang term is used so much that Baltimore literally has an annual festival for it.
Doncha Know

7 of 18Pick one!

Which of the following is NOT a nickname for Baltimore?
The Big Peach
Charm City

8 of 18Pick one!

How does a true local pronounce Baltimore?

9 of 18Pick one!

What does "hon" mean at the end of a sentence?
Have a nice day!
You're weird!
Jolly old fellow!

10 of 18Pick one!

What does it mean to "book someone"?
To exchange numbers
To go to Barnes and Noble together
To throw them in jail

11 of 18Pick one!

What does it mean to "go ham"?
To eat like no other on Turkey Day
To celebrate Boxing Day, even if you don't know why
To go out of control

12 of 18Pick one!

What does someone mean when they say you're getting "kirk"?
You want to go mountain biking
You're getting angry
You want to act out Star Trek

13 of 18Pick one!

What does it mean to "loaf"?
To eat a ton of bread
To flake on something
To take an afternoon nap

14 of 18Pick one!

What's a "berger"?
Classic American hamburger
Vanilla shortbread cookie topped with fudge
Frog legs

15 of 18Pick one!

What is a "pockeybook"?
Where Dobby hides
A purse
A grocery list

16 of 18Pick one!

What do you see when you see a "five-oh"?
A cop
An elephant
A storm

17 of 18Pick one!

What does it mean to be "off brand"?
Incredibly cool

18 of 18Pick one!

What does it mean when someone is a "bamma"?
They don't dress well or fit in
They're from the south
They like frogs
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