Pixar Quiz: Only 24% Of Fans Can Pass This "Coco" Memory Quiz. Can You?


Remember Me...

Do you love Pixar? Take this fun quiz about Pixar's newest film, Coco, and see how well you remember the movie!

 Apr 16, 2018
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What is forbidden in Miguel's home?
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What is Miguel's family business?
Making shoes
Making wine
Caring for the town's cemetery
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Who is Dante?
Miguel's uncle
A mariachi player
A street dog
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Who is Mama Imelda?
His mother
Miguel's great-great grandmother
His aunt
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Why is music banned in Miguel's family?
Because they think it is the work of the devil
Because they hate the sound of it
Because his great-great-grandfather left his family for music
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Coco is Miguel's grandma. True or False?
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Who is Miguel's idol?
Ernesto de la Cruz
Enrique Iglesias
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What does Miguel's grandma destroy of his?
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Why is Miguel cursed?
His great-grandfather sold his soul when he was a baby
He takes down all the photos of his relatives
He stole from the dead
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How did Ernesto de la Cruz die?
A church bell fell on him
He had a heart attack
He fell off stage
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Why can't Hector cross over the world of the living?
He is wanted by the police
No one put his picture up
He was banned from being permitted to cross over
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What does Miguel need in order to return home?
A picture of his family
Ernesto de la Cruz's autograph
His family's blessing
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What does Hector ask Miguel to do for him?
Take his picture back for him
Help him find his daughter
Take a note back to his family
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What happens when the dead are forgotten by the living?
They turn to dust
They turn to stone
They go to another dimension
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Who is Miguel's great-great grandfather?
Ernesto de la Cruz
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Why didn't Miguel's great-great grandfather return home to his family?
He was murdered
He didn't love them enough to give up his dream for them
He didn't want to leave his fans
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What breed is Dante?
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Who killed Miguel's great-great grandfather?
Ernesto de la Cruz
His great-great grandmother
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Who helps Miguel and his family sneak into Ernesto de la Cruz's concert?
The spirit guides
Frida Kahol
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What song did Hector write for his daughter?
Everyone Knows Coco
Remember Me
Un Polo Loco
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