Disney Quiz: Only 90s Kids Can Get 100% On This "Beauty & the Beast" Quiz

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Tale as old as time.

Do you love everything Disney? Take this fun Disney quiz about the classic movie, Beauty and the Beast!

 Apr 30, 2018

1 of 20At what age must the Beast find love in order to break the spell?

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2 of 20What book does Belle return to the bookshop?

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Jack & the Beanstalk
The Three Little Pigs

3 of 20What did the old beggar woman offer the Beast in exchange for shelter?

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A Book
A Rose
A Pendant

4 of 20How many eggs does Gaston eat for breakfast?

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1 dozen
20 dozen
5 dozen

5 of 20What does Gaston use in all of his decorating?

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Animal fur

6 of 20Who is Gaston's sidekick?

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7 of 20Why does Gaston go to visit Belle at her house?

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To ask her on a date
To help Maurice get ready for his trip
To ask her to marry him

8 of 20What causes Maurice to find the Beast's castle?

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He followed a trail
He found it by accident
He gets lost in the woods

9 of 20Who lets Maurice warm himself by the fire in the castle?

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The Beast
Mrs. Potts

10 of 20What is the name of Belle's horse?

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11 of 20What song does Lumiere sing for Belle?

Be Our Guest
Out There

12 of 20Who knows everything about the castle?

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Mrs. Potts

13 of 20Where is Belle forbidden to go in the castle?

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The courtyard
The west wing
The dining room

14 of 20Finish this line: "Try the Grey Stuff, __________ !"

Walt Disney Company
It's Healthy
It's Delicious
It's Tasty

15 of 20What must the Beast learn to control?

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His temper
His strength
His hair shedding

16 of 20What does the Beast save Belle from when she tries to runaway?

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A cliff
A pack of wolves
A frozen pond

17 of 20What does the Beast give Belle as a gift?

Walt Disney Studios
The library
The west wing

18 of 20Why does Belle leave the castle?

Walt Disney Studios
To take care of Maurice
The Beast makes her leave
Gaston comes and saves her

19 of 20Why does Gaston conspire to have Maurice committed to the asylum?

Walt Disney Studios
To steal his inventions
To get Belle to marry him
Because he really is insane

20 of 20How does Chip save Belle and Maurice?

Walt Disney Studios
He finds the key to unlock the lock
He gets help from the villagers
He uses Maurice's wood chipper
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