Quiz: You're Not A True American If You Can't Get 10/15 On This Test

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How well do you know the United States of America?

A quiz testing basic knowledge that every American should know about the United States of America and its history.

 Sep 01, 2017
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What are the first ten amendments called?
Important Rules
The Letter of Justice
The Bill of Rights
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What is the executive branch?
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How many years is a senate term?
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Who is commander in chief of the military?
Donald Trump
George Mattis
Mike Pence
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How many original colonies were there?
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When was the Constitution signed?
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What was the first English settlement in America?
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What president purchased the Louisiana Territory?
John Adams
Thomas Jefferson
Abraham Lincoln
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How many amendments are in the Constitution?
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Which president is on the five dollar bill?
Benjamin Franklin
John F. Kennedy
Abraham Lincoln
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In America, it is illegal to not ___________
pay taxes
own at least one American flag
wash your car every month
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Despite "paper" being one of its nicknames, US dollar bills are made of _________
Recycled tree bark
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Which president was never married?
Abraham Lincoln
Franklin Pierce
James Buchanan
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Which historical figure was never a US president, but is still on a US dollar bill?
Andrew Jackson
George Washington
Benjamin Franklin
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How many U.S. senators are there?
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