Quiz: You'll Only Get 10/15 On This Test If Your Family Is Sicilian Italian

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There's italians - then there's Sicilian Italians. Which are you?

A quiz about Sicilian Italian customs and cultural values, highlighting cuisine, customs, and culture.

 Feb 26, 2017
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Where are Sicilian Italians from?
Northern Italy
Southern Italy
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What popular sicilian snack is made of deep fried rice balls?
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What do Sicilian Italians do with patron saints around the feast date?
Carry their statues through the streets during parades
They do not have patron saints
Display their statues only within the church
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What type of food is most popular in the area?
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True or False: Sicily was once its own country.
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What famous group of italians originated in Sicily?
Cast of the Godfather
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Where is Sicily in Italy?
Part of the Pennisula
In the North
An Island Below It
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How are the languages different between Sicilian and Italian?
Sicilian and Italian are the same
Sicilian replaces "u" with "o" sounds
Sicilian replaces "o" with "u" sounds.
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True or False: Sicilian is considered the original romance language.
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Sicilians are famous for:
Their cream, not tomato based sauce
Their bountiful produce
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If it's a weekend, you're probably spending your time:
Exploring areas far from the Mediterranean
relaxing by the beach.
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True or False: Sicilians are not influenced culturally by Greece and the Middle East countries.
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Which is true?
Sicilians are Italians, but not all Italians are Sicilian.
Sicilians have always been considered Italians.
All Italians are also Sicilian.
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What cheese filled pastry came from Sicily?
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How do Sicilian Italians usually introduce themselves?
Italian, first
Sicilian Italian
Sicilian, first
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