Quiz: If You're A True Southerner, You Should Know All Of These Phrases!

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Bless your heart!

Are you fixin' to travel south soon? Test your knowledge for all the phrases only real southerners understand!

 May 31, 2017
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What does this phrase really mean: Bless your heart!
May you be forever blessed.
Hope you have a great day!
Awe, poor sweet, dumb kid.
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Britches is another word for __________.
Farm Tool
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What answer fits best in this sentence? "I'm _______ take out the trash."
Makin' my way to
Fixin' to
Dressin' towards
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"Off like a herd of turtles" really means:
Off to a slow start.
Going somewhere with friends.
Going to the water.
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Tennis shoes are the same as _________.
Shoes meant for tennis
Athletic shoes
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When someone is anxious in the south, they are _________.
like a cat on a hot-tin roof.
got the short end of the stick.
too big for their britches.
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What do southerners carry food in while shopping?
Shopping cart
Rolling basket
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What does the phrase "finer than frog hair split four ways" answer?
How are you?
How can you I help you?
What are you doing?
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What does "gussied up" mean?
To wear a disguise
Full of gust
Dressed and made up
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"He thinks the sun comes up just to hear him crow" really means:
He wakes up early.
He's very full of himself.
He's really important.
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