Quiz: Only 1 in 50 People Can Finish These 16 Southern Phrases. Can You?

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Are you as sweet as pie and as southern as the day is long?

A quiz asking you to complete southern phrases to decide whether you're really as southern as you think.

 Jan 20, 2018

1 of 16Finish the Phrase!

"Can't wait to head back to the ol' ______."
Stompin' Grounds
Train Tracks
High School

2 of 16Finish the Phrase!

"Every time I get cheated, I get the ________"
Raw Hide from the Wrong Cow
All Turned Around
Short End of the Stick

3 of 16Finish the Phrase!

"She's so dumb she could _____"
Fail Out Of School
Get Carried Away By a Swift Breeze
Drown Face Up In A Puddle

4 of 16Finish the Phrase!

"Their house is just _____ to ours!"

5 of 16Finish the Phrase!

"Heavens to ______!"

6 of 16Finish the Phrase!

"You come to me for money, you're barking _____."
Too Loud
Up the Wrong Tree
In A Different Direction

7 of 16Finish the Phrase!

"It doesn't amount to a hill of _____"

8 of 16Finish the Phrase!

"She's so broke she ______"
Doesn't Have a Pot to Piss In
Doesn't Have a Place to Pee
Really Has No Money

9 of 16Finish the Phrase!

"I have to pee so bad it's like my eyeballs _______"
Can Feel It
Are Soaked
Are Floating

10 of 16Finish the Phrase!

"I'm finer ____, how are you?"
Than Anyone Else Around
Than Frog's Hair Split Four Ways
Than A Barbie's Hair

11 of 16Finish the Phrase!

"If they don't clean up, I'm 'bout to fly _______."
Far, Far Away
Straight to Heaven
Off the Handle

12 of 16Finish the Phrase!

"She was madder than a wet ____"

13 of 16Finish the Phrase!

"She is much too old to be throwing such a _____."
Bad Fit

14 of 16Finish the Phrase!

"Today will be great if the ______."
Nothin' Bad Happens
Arrow Stays Straight
Creek Don't Rise

15 of 16Finish the Phrase!

"Today's gym session left me rode hard and put away _____."

16 of 16Finish the Phrase!

"With all that knowledge, try not to get too ____."
Big For Your Britches
Big Headed
Outside Your Comfort
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