Quiz: If You Can Get A 10/15 On This Random Facts Test, Your IQ Is 130+

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There are only a handful of geniuses out there! Are you one of them?

A quiz using random facts to test the knowledge of the test taker to determine whether they could have a genius IQ.

 Mar 26, 2017
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Where were croissants actually created?
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What is a flock of crows called?
A worry
A murder
A revenge
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How much does Warner make yearly for "Happy Birthday?"
100 dollars
2 Million Dollars
2 Billion Dollars
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How much hotter is a bolt of lightening than the sun?
They are the same
1000 Times Hotter
6 Times Hotter
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What percent of the population has green eyes?
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How tall is Mt. Everest?
100,000 ft
29,000 ft
3,000 ft
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Who has more tastebuds: Adults or Children?
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What color is polar bear fur?
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What organ do goldfish not have?
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Which is more acidic: lemon or vinegar?
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How many miles deep is the deepest ocean?
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How long have dogs been domesticated?
200 years
140,000 years
14,000 years
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Who was Time magazine's Man of the Year in 1938?
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Adolf Hitler
Harry S. Truman
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True or False: Everyone you see in your dreams is someone you have seen before in your life.
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How much does an average person sleep in their lifetime?
1 year
8 years
25 years
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