Quiz: If You Can Get 10/15 On This Test, You Must Be From Greenville, SC

Are you a real Greenville girl, or just a tourist?

 Apr 23, 2017
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What native american nation was Greenville county previously counted as land in?

Question: 2/15Pick Your Answer!

In the 1900s, what was Greenville called?
Car Center of the World
Textile Center of the World
Flamingo Center of the World

Question: 3/15Pick Your Answer!

Greenville is in which county?

Question: 4/15Pick Your Answer!

What was Greenville previously called?

Question: 5/15Pick Your Answer!

Greenville served as a military training camp in which war?
Spanish-American War
World War I
World War II

Question: 6/15Pick Your Answer!

What do you call someone from Greenville?

Question: 7/15Pick Your Answer!

______ has been Greenville's Mayor since 1995.
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Knox White
Bob McRoberts

Question: 8/15Pick Your Answer!

What is the sale's tax in the area?

Question: 9/15Pick Your Answer!

Paris Mountain was originally called _____________.

Question: 10/15Pick Your Answer!

Greenville is located halfway between Charlotte and _____.
New York

Question: 11/15Pick Your Answer!

What airport was a military base in World War II?
Newark Airport
Donaldson Center Airport
Richardson Center Airport

Question: 12/15Pick Your Answer!

What favorite bridge is located near a beautiful waterfall?
Golden Gate Bridge
Freedom Bridge
Liberty Bridge

Question: 13/15Pick Your Answer!

What is the area code?

Question: 14/15Pick Your Answer!

How big is Greenville?
100 Square Miles
8 Square Miles
25 Square miles

Question: 15/15Pick Your Answer!

Smoke On The Water is more than just a song, in Greensville it is a:
Music Festival
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