Quiz: If You Can Get 10/15 On This Test, You Must Be A Pilot


Ladies and gentleman this is your captain speaking. Please remain seated and keep your seatbelt fasten as this quiz is about to get ... BUMPY!!!!

A quiz testing the takers knowledge about basics of flying and some of the requirements to be a pilot.

 Oct 08, 2017
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What kind of food can pilots NOT eat before flying?
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What do pilots do when passing another plane?
Yell Hello over the radio
Flash their lights
Do intricate hand signals
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True or False: Once a pilot is trained to fly one kind of plane, they can fly them all because all planes are the same.
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Being a pilot usually means you will have to __________.
Eat unkown foods
Spend ample time away from home
Wait to use the bathroom until the plane is landed
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How long does air mask oxygen last?
15 Hours
15 Days
15 Minutes
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The first airplane was successfully created and flown in 1903 by which iconic duo?
The Wright Brothers
Simon and Garfunkel
Lewis and Clark
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What of these is NOT one of the causes of turbulence?
A flock of birds flying toward the plane
Rising air
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Where is the best place to sit if a plane is going down?
The back of the plane
The middle of the plane
The front of the plane
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During training, pilots are put into a _________, which resemble a cockpit with computer generated images to mimic the pilot's view.
Airplane survival camp
Crash test vehicle
Flight simulator
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True or False: Pilots get paid for time before the flight, in addition to flight time.
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Who was the first pilot to fly faster than the speed of sound?
Buzz Aldrin
Charles Linberg
Chuck Yeager
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When are planes most likely to crash?
During landing and take-off
During landing only
While they are in mid-air
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What is the fear of flying known as?
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Which of these is not the name of an American airline?
Southwest Airlines
Cathay Pacific
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What is it called when an airplane flies itself?
Cruise control
Zen mode
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