Quiz: Only 1 in 50 Can People Define These 16 Culinary Words All Chefs Know

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Are you a culinary champion? Do you know every aspect of the kitchen like the back of your hand? Find out if you're a true chef now!

How well do you know these basic words that every great chef should know featuring things like au jus and larding.

 Oct 06, 2017
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What is the main ingredient of Soufflé?
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How would you describe "al dente" pasta?
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Where would you find "fondant"?
A steak restaurant
A bakery
A 24-hour diner
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What do you do with an egg wash?
Use it to grease a pan
Put it inside a meat you're grilling
Use it to coat dough before baking
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What is "alfredo"?
A dressing for cucumber salads
A creamy white pasta sauce
A thick tomato-based pasta sauce
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What kind of uncooked food do you "dress"?
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How do you "flambe" something?
Light vegetable oil on fire
Cook over an open flame
Add alcohol to create flames
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What is "basting"?
Meat juice thickened with arrowroot
Cooking meat with its juices or using a sauce or marinade
Adding berries when you're cooking meat
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Which is smallest?
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What is a "fillet"?
The type of meat you should use on a grill
A cooking method for seafood
A cut or slice of boneless fish or meat
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Which of the following do people typically smoke?
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What is heating a liquid to its boiling point called?
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What is "pickling"?
Preserve it by immersing it in vinegar
To quickly defrost meat
To turn something into a pickle
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What do you "zest?"
Skin of fruit
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When do you use a whisk?
To whip things
To mix food after it's cooked
To season meat
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What consistency is something after you puree it?
Creamy and paste-like
Doughy and thick
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