21 Things You Hear When You're Getting Married At 21

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For tired, young brides everywhere!

Getting married is amazing! However, just like getting married at any age, getting married young has its own individual struggles. As a young bride, your experience will cause many questions and comments to arise - it's a constant game of seeing how hard you can suppress an eye roll. These are the 21 things you'll hear at least once if you're a young bride.

1. You must be pregnant!


ALL. THE. TIME. Apparently if you're married before the age of 30, it must be to follow some time old tradition of needing to be married when pregnant. Really, it just makes me question if my third food baby of the day is really that noticeable.

2. Just trying to get that "ring by spring?"


If you're a college girl in the south, this is the first thing people think. Did I get engaged in spring? Yes! Was finding a husband so soon a deep desire? Can't say it was at the top of my to-do list!

3. But you have so much more life to live before settling down!


Since when did being married become synonymous with being boring? We're getting married because we like to be together - meaning we party, drink, and hang out TOGETHER.

4. Aren't you worried you'll be bored by 30?


Nope, but I am pretty bored of always getting this question...

5. Oh, but you're so young!


Thank you for noticing! I'm hoping that will make the pictures look better.

6. You need a cake? I'll bake you one for $1,500!


For some reason, young has become associated with stupid. Could a cake cost that much? Of course. But is it possible a thousand dollars was added due to age? Most definitely.

7. Your parents must love you a lot to pay for all of that.


Sure, some parents pay for the entire thing. Some help with the costs. But really, is that extremely different from someone a few years older? No. You can be young and still have money to pay!

8. You don't *have* to do this. There's time to run.


SO. RUDE. Time to run? Run right to my ceremony into my man's arms. No one forced this. He's not the last resort!

9. Oh, your poor parents!


Poor parents? They're just happy I'm not alone and they don't have to take care of me anymore!

10. Marriage is so serious - you really think you can choose that?


Well, I chose what to do with my life at 18, so why stop there? Since when was there an age for "serious" anyway?

11. So... kids soon then?


One life change at a time, please. Right now I'll stick to cold beers with my best friend in our completely unfurnished apartment, just how I like it.

12. You won't have friends anymore!


Actually, some of them are married too. Others are parents. Of course, some also sleep till 2 pm and wear only workout clothes because they are in school. That's what it's like to be 20.

13. You'll go completely broke!


At least you know it's not about the money anyways. And hey! Don't forget about all the wedding gifts you'll receive!

14. Are you marrying him for his money?


Yes, of course. That's why I chose a fellow twenty-something. Being 21 and a bride doesn't mean he's my seventy-year-old sugar daddy!

15. You'll be lucky if you make it a year!


You'll be lucky to make it through this conversation.Next.

16. Let me give you some advice...


PLEASE DON'T. Please. Let us figure things out on our own. We got this far!

17. How do you know he's the one?


How does anyone? It's a feeling only we understand because it's just between us. We could try to explain it, but you wouldn't get it anyway.

18. You won't be able to grow up!


We have our own jobs, own friends, and own hobbies. Getting married doesn't change that, and assuming that you stop growing even when you're older than your twenties isn't true either!

19. So you're going to be a homemaker?


Being a stay at home wife at 21? Cool. Being 21 with a job? Cool. Being a student at 21? Cool. Do you, boo.

20. You're missing out on attractive people! Be free!


I'm sure there are other attractive people out there. There's always going to be! But being free? I'm free - free to look at my husband like this every day for the rest of my life!

21. Marrying young is amazing.

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And then there's this uplifting comment that makes you remember everything is okay. That one couple who smiles sweetly and tells you about how they got married so young and couldn't be happier. Isn't that what we all want anyway? Embrace being a young bride for the many years you have ahead with your person!

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