13 Things Only A True Auburn Girl Will Understand


Many things make you a true Auburn woman, but these thirteen are completely relatable!

Whether you were a born and raised Auburn fan or an outsider who found herself as part of this huge network we call family, you're one of the best of the best. Being at one of the most elite schools in the South is an honor and privilege that many don't receive. You get to do everything from cheering on the tigers to relaxing at Toomers with friends and the sweetest lemonade. You believe in hard work and family which makes you a TRUE Auburn woman!

1. Fall is dedicated to tailgates, sunburns, and Auburn Tigers football.


SEC! The Iron Bowl! Auburn University is famous for its football and adorable mascot (Aubie IS number one after all), so it makes sense that an entire season is dedicated to the sport! Not a football fan? Best of luck to you and any social life between August and December!

2. Football games mean sundresses and boots, not jerseys and daisy dukes.

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A lot of universities claim this trend, but Auburn takes classy football fans to an entirely new extreme. Sometimes your best dress is meant for cheering in the stands, hoping for another prayer in Jordan Hare!

3. Taco Tuesday is everything, Wednesday is for drink specials...


Thursday, Friday, Saturday is for getting to the bar before cover starts. If you're 21+, you're probably at Sky. If not, it's Q's and Bourbon all night long!

4. You're probably part of a Greek organization or your roommate is.


With 18 sororities and countless fraternities, you're probably affiliated with something. If not, then there are a million academic, religious, or volunteer groups that work with Greek life. Without a doubt everyone is involved with something!

5. You know O days are the *worst*!


If one more person tries to hand you a flier, you're going to lose it! You're not proud of it but you've probably been late to a few classes from altering your path to avoid the concourse.

6. Even worse, you've probably worked on the concourse.

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Don't feel bad though! We've all been there - screaming at people to take your very important flier. While your self esteem may take a hit for a day, you'll survive. Good things come to those who concourse and live to tell the tale.

7. Parking isn't existent - even when you have a paid for spot.


C spot, RO, RT? Who cares because with out a doubt there will be zero spots for you after noon. You've got a better chance at walking the three miles from your apartment than hoping for a place anywhere. The only upside is every one in awhile your professor will have the same problem and class gets canceled!

8. You'd change your entire appearance to borrow a tiger card.


Gone are the days of using anyone's card to find a coveted seat in the student section! Want to bring your out of state best friend? Good luck finding a similar looking red head with zero freckles who could potentially be a third year named Rebecca.

9. Registering/ordering football tickets is like virtual Hunger Games.


The first time is memorable for all: It's just you and ten of your not so close friends in the same major with similar last names who will now compete against all other freshmen for the perfect schedule. As a true Auburn girl, you know that the first, second, and probably fifth time the system kicks back saying you input a CRN incorrectly will cause you to have 18 year old premature heart failure. Top it all off - that perfect schedule isn't so perfect when you realize you have ten minutes to run from Lowder to Goodwin.

10. Samford is for pictures, picnics, and passing out on the lawn.


Chances are you've probably done at least one of these since you started here, or if you're a real champ, you've done all three in the span of a few hours! Pictures out front on a sweltering football Saturday, a mini picnic on the lawn when there's more than double the town's size taking over the campus, and passing out from too much beer, sun, and processed food after a long day of cheering on the Auburn tigers!

11. You will get kicked off the security shuttle if...


You call it the drunk bus. At least one Camp War Eagle counselor probably warned you as an overzealous freshman NOT to call it that, but it's hard to tell slightly intoxicated you to remember that at three a.m. on your way back to Cambridge from Delta Chi. Better to just not say anything at all when you get in.

12. You've used part of the creed as an instagram caption.


Or in a list about Auburn! Honestly, how could you not put good ol' George Petrie's words to use? They're everywhere at the school and you've probably had at least one professor recite it before/after/during a lecture/test/introduction. You can't be a true Auburn woman without believing in all things Auburn!

13. You hate Alabama more than anything else!


8 a.m. class, protester who screams in front of RBD, athletes cutting the line at Chickfila? The hate you may have for all those pales in comparison to the hate you have for our neighbors to the West - our ugly step sister, the University of Alabama. War Damn forever!

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