Quiz: You'll Only Ace This Test If You Grew Up In A Scottish Family

There’s nothing like getting down to your roots!

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 Apr 18, 2017
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What type of music did the Scottish bring to America?

Question: 2/12Pick your answer!

When is Tartan Day?
April 6th
January 1st
December 24th

Question: 3/12Pick your answer!

The _____ is/are a traditional Scottish instrument.

Question: 4/12Pick your answer!

What are the Highland Games?
A Scottish board game
A competition that celebrates Scottish culture
A Scottish cooking competition

Question: 5/12Pick your answer!

Where is the largest Tartan Day celebration in America?
New York City

Question: 6/12Pick your answer!

_____ is the name of the Scottish New Year.
St. Andrew's Day
The New Day

Question: 7/12Pick your answer!

Which classic American food was invented by Scottish settlers?
French fries
Fried chicken

Question: 8/12Pick your answer!

What Scottish school did Kate Middleton and Prince William attend?
University of St. Andrews
University of Edinburgh
University of Glasgow

Question: 9/12Pick your answer!

True or false: Scottish Gaelic is no longer spoken anywhere in the world.

Question: 10/12Pick your answer!

Which of these famous bands is Scottish?
The Beatles
Belle and Sebastian
One Direction

Question: 11/12Pick your answer!

What does it mean to "keep the heid"?
Not lose your cool
To stay inside
To feel sick

Question: 12/12Pick your answer!

When something is "wee" what does that mean?
It's cute
It's big
It's small
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