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Just how well do you know the Oxford comma?

 Sep 24, 2017
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Question: 1/15Choose your answer!

Which of these sentences correctly uses the Oxford comma?
I bought milk, eggs and cheese.
I bought milk, and eggs.
I bought milk, eggs, and cheese.

Question: 2/15Choose your answer!

Choose the correct use of the word "affect."
His actions affect everyone in the group.
There is no way of knowing the potential cause and affect.
The rain had a bad affect on our garden.

Question: 3/15Choose your answer!

Fill in the blank: Who _____ coming?

Question: 4/15Choose your answer!

Which of these sentences is grammatically correct?
I and Annie went to the movies.
Annie and I went to the movies.
Annie and me went to the movies.

Question: 5/15Choose your answer!

Which of these words is a conjunction?

Question: 6/15Choose your answer!

The word "slowly" is a(n) _________.

Question: 7/15Choose your answer!

Which sentence has the correct punctuation?
How are you!
How are you?
How are you.

Question: 8/15Choose your answer!

Choose the sentence that correctly uses a semicolon.
I knew what I had to do; it was up to me.
We went shopping; but not for long.
I don't know her; very well.

Question: 9/15Choose your answer!

What is an example of a possessive noun?

Question: 10/15Choose your answer!

Finish the phrase: "i" before "e"...
except after "c"
whenever you read
in groups of three

Question: 11/15Choose your answer!

Choose the correct sentence.
We will go to lunch an hour ago.
We gone to lunch an hour ago.
We went to lunch an hour ago.

Question: 12/15Choose your answer!

Which of these sentences correctly uses an apostrophe?
The dog was happy that it's owner came home.
There are many James's in my class.
Where are Tina's car keys?

Question: 13/15Choose your answer!

Choose the sentence that is grammatically correct.
The bottle fell and broken.
The bottle fell and broke.
The bottle fell and broked.

Question: 14/15Choose your answer!

Which of these sentences correctly uses a pronoun?
Her is graduating a year early.
Sally and me are coming to the party later.
He wants to travel to Europe.

Question: 15/15Choose your answer!

"Beautiful" is an example of a(n) __________.
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