Quiz: Only Southern Baptists Can Answer These 22 Questions On The First Try


Good luck, y'all!

Quiz on the religion of baptism in the Southern United States, including traditions, holidays, customs, and more.

 Sep 24, 2017
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How do Southern Baptists regard the Bible?
They do not follow it
They only follow certain aspects of it
They believe it is the word of God and the ultimate religious authority
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Which is not a language the Bible was originally written in?
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Who is the savior and the son of God?
John the Baptist
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Who is the secular ruler of the SBC?
Each church has its own authority
The Pope
The convention leaders
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What are representatives of the Southern Baptists churches called?
God's workers
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The SBC is made up of how many seminaries?
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How many members are in the SBC?
over 1,000,000
over 15,000,000
over 1,000
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What does BYPU stand for?
Baptist Young Peoples Union
Baptist Young Priests Union
Baptists Yearly Party Union
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Who is offered salvation?
All who accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
Only members of the SBC
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Members of the SBC should...
not try and get people to convert
not travel as missionaries to spread their religion, only to help people
spread the good news and spread their faith
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What does the Southern Baptist Conference believe about the Church and state?
Louisville, Kentucky
They should be separate
The Church should control the state
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How do women rank as Southern Baptist officials?
Equal to men
Below men
Above men
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What does SBC stand for?
Southern Baptist County
Southern Baptist Church
Southern Baptist Convention
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When is the Lord's Day?
First day of the week
Last Day of the week
There is no Lord's day
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How will Jesus return at the end of the world?
As a world leader
In a dream of a believer
Personally and visibly
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Who can receive the Lord's Supper?
Members of the SBC
All believers
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When was the Southern Baptist Convention first organized?
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How do Southern Baptists get baptized?
Pouring water on the entire body
Completely submerging the body in water
A small sprinkling of water on the head
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T/F: SBC believes it is good to cooperate with other Christian denominations
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Which version of God does the SBC not believe in?
God the Father
God the Son
God the Mother
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Southern Baptists churches are:
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Where are Southern Baptists churches located in the US?
In all 50 states
In Southern states and some Western states
Only in Southern states
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