Quiz: Only Hardcore Dog People Can Get 10/15 On This Ruff Quiz


How well do you know man's best friend?

Quiz on dog breeds, fun facts, and various characteristics that only a true canine lover would understand.

 Oct 02, 2017

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Which of these is NOT a real dog breed?
Golden retriever
Blue belle husky

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What is the most popular dog breed in America?

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Which breed of dog is known for its superior sense of smell?

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What do dogs often do before laying down?
Bark repeatedly
Spin in circles

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Dog paws are often said to smell like _____
corn chips

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What do dogs' whiskers do?
Help them see
Help them hear
Help them sense

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Which dog breed is known for its black spots on white fur?
Australian shepherd

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How do dogs see?
In black and white
In full color
With some colorblindness

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Why do dogs pant?
To release stress
To get attention
To cool down

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What causes dogs to twitch in their sleep?
They are involuntarily stretching
They are dreaming
Their muscles are relaxing

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On average, dogs are about as smart as a...
10 year old child
5 year old child
2 year old child

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A dog's nose print can be compared to what on a human?
Finger print
Foot print
Tongue print

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What percent of dog owners let their dog sleep on their bed?

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What does it mean when a dog puts its tail between its legs?
The dog is happy
The dog is nervous
The dog is angry

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What does "heal" mean as a dog command?
To stop pulling on their leash
To sit
To stay
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