Quiz: Only A True Yogi Will Get 10/15 On This Quiz


Namaste and good luck!

Quiz on various poses, key terms, history, and more that only a person who practices yoga would know.

 Sep 24, 2017

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In which pose do you stand with your feet together and arms raised over your head?
Bridge pose
Mountain pose
Downward dog pose

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What is hot yoga?
Yoga performed in hot or humid conditions
Yoga performed in a swimming pool
Yoga performed by models

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Do you stand or sit during triangle pose?
Either standing or sitting

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_____ yoga is similar to hot yoga and focuses on posture and breathing exercises.

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In which pose do you lay on your stomach and lift your head and chest by pushing your fingers to the ground?
Cobra pose
Scorpion pose
Crow pose

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_____ pose and _____ pose are often used in conjunction with each other.

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What is one of the differences between warrior I pose and warrior II pose?
Warrior II pose does not exist
Warrior I is performed while sitting and warrior II is performed standing
Your hands are placed differently in these poses

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Which of these is not a real pose?
Child's pose
Corpse pose
Balloon pose

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Yoga is typically performed on a _____.

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What is a guru?
A monk
A person practicing yoga
A yoga instructor

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Which sound is chanted during yoga?

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What is your chakra?
Your legs
Your mind
Your energy center

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From what language do yoga terms originate?

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_____ is the most important moral discipline in yoga.

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In which of these religions is yoga commonly practiced?
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