Quiz: Only A True Buddhist Can Answer These 16 Questions. Can You?


How well do you really know Buddhism?

 Oct 09, 2017

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"Budhi" means what?
To love
To suffer
To awaken

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Under what tree did Buddha become enlightened?
The Buddhism Tree
The Buddha Tree
The Bodhi Tree

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What is Nirvana?
A form of hell
The ultimate bliss
A place in Nepal

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How many noble truths are there?

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Which of these is NOT a noble truth?
Suffering is caused by craving and attachment
Existence is suffering
Selfish acts are sin

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The Eightfold Path is made up of how many steps?

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Buddhists are meant to be "right" in which of these areas?

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What are the two major schools of Buddhism?
Theravada and Vajrayana
Mahayana and Theravada
Mahayana and Vajrayana

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Buddhists believe in which of these concepts?
The absence of an afterlife
The concept of reincarnation
To remove all suffering

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When one stops the cycle of rebirth, what happens next?
They are reincarnated
They are truly awoken
They enter Nirvana

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What is karma?
The belief that if one does good, good will come back to them
The belief that there is an afterlife
The belief that everything is predetermined

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In what part of the world is Buddhism the most prominent?
North America

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Who is the Dalai Lama?
Another name for Buddha
An American monk
A Buddhist leader

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What is the Pali Tipitaka?
A collection of sacred Buddhist writings
A Buddhist leader
A palace

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About how old is Buddhism?
2,500 years
200 years
1,000 years

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What is the meaning of life in Buddhism?
To enjoy what one has
To end suffering
To help others
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