Quiz: If You Can Get 10/15 On This, You Must Be From Boise


Only a true Boise native can get a 100% on this quiz!

Quiz on Boise, Idaho, with questions related to festivals, traditions, population, fun facts, and more.

 Mar 21, 2017
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First things first - how do you pronounce “Boise”?
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The founder of this grocery chain lived in Boise until he passed in 1993.
Harris Teeter
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What object is dropped on New Years Eve in Boise instead of a ball?
A bottle of whiskey
A giant teddy bear
An Idaho potato
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Boise is nicknamed the city of _______.
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A statue of which American hero sits in Julia Davis Park?
Honey Boo Boo
Britney Spears
Abraham Lincoln
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Each year, Boise hosts which festival?
The Gene Harris Jazz Festival
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What is the name of the Boise State University football team?
The Broncos
The Bears
The Devils
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If you're talking about a "jockey-box" in Boise, you're referring to ______.
the bathroom
a washing machine
a glove compartment
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What are "varmints"?
Cars that deliver food
Tourists who can't drive
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What are the school colors of Boise State University?
Blue and orange
Yellow and black
Red and white
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What's a "crick"?
It's a fish stew
It's how people from Boise pronounce "creek"
It's what people call their dog
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Boise is home to the world’s largest _____.
sunflower seed
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The Broncos play at Albertsons Stadium, which has been nicknamed:
Danger Zone
Death Valley
Smurf Turf
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What is the area code of Boise?
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Which band is collectively hated in Boise?
The Beatles
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