Quiz: Do You Know What Happens Next In "The Sound Of Music"?


There's more to the musical than you may remember!

Quiz on the plot of "The Sound of Music," detailing events in the movie regarding Maria, the Von Trapp children, and the Captain.

 Mar 07, 2017
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After the other nuns at the abbey make it clear that they do not think Maria would make a good nun, what happens?
Maria gets in an argument with the other nuns
Maria runs away to visit the Von Trapp family
Maria is advised by Mother Abbess to leave the convent
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What do the Von Trapp children do when Maria arrives to take care of them?
They initially treat her with disrespect, but grow to trust and love her
They immediately love her for her free spirit
They attempt to make their father fall in love with Maria
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When Maria and the children return from their boat ride, what does the Captain do?
He is angered and fires Maria
He invites Maria on a date
He is impressed by their singing abilities and love for Maria
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What does the Captain do when he realizes his children’s passion for singing?
He enters the family in the Salzburg Festival
He asks them to teach him how to sing
He organizes a party
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What happens after Maria and the Captain dance at the party?
Maria and the Captain admit their feelings for each other
The Baroness becomes jealous and convinces Maria to return to the abbey
The children ask Maria to be their new mother
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When Maria leaves from the abbey again, what does she do?
She bursts into the Baroness and the Captain’s wedding
She confesses her feelings for the Captain
She agrees to stay until the family finds a replacement governess
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After the Captain breaks off his engagement to the Baroness, what happens?
He and Maria get into an argument about the children
He asks Maria to once again be the family’s permanent governess
He marries Maria and they leave on their honeymoon
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What do Maria and the Captain discover when they return home from their honeymoon?
The Captain has been asked to join the German Navy
Maria is pregnant
The children have been mistreated while their parents were away
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As the Von Trapp family are heading out of the country, what do they encounter?
Nazi officers question them about where they are going
They run into Mother Abbess, who helps them escape
The Baroness has sold them out to the Nazis
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What happens after the Von Trapp family perform at the Salzburg Festival?
The abbey is set on fire by the Nazis
They hide in the abbey, then escape to Switzerland to avoid the Nazi party
They tell the Nazi officers that the Captain will not join the German Navy
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