13 Things Only A True Chicago Girl Will Understand


The Second City, the Windy City, Chi-Town. Whatever you call it, you love it.

1. If you live in the suburbs of Chicago, you are NOT from Chicago.


Sorry, but Naperville isn’t Chicago. Neither is Buffalo Grove. Or Wheaton.

2. Lollapalooza is exactly as fun as it looks.


All of your favorite artists performing in Grant Park surrounded by the gorgeous Chicago summer skyline? Yes, please.

3. In fact, summer in the city is one of your favorite things.


Going to the beach, visiting the Lincoln Park Zoo, and don’t even get us started on the rooftop bars.

4. And winter in the city is cold. Like, really cold.


Sure, you’ve survived a few polar vortexes. Who hasn’t?

5. It isn’t “Cloud Gate” or the “Giant Bean”. It’s just The Bean.


Alright, maybe its official name is “Cloud Gate”. But nobody ever calls it that. Ever.

6. And it’s not the Willis Tower either. It is always the Sears Tower.


Say “Willis Tower” to a Chicagoan and expect their face to turn to disgust.

7. The best kind of pizza is Lou Malnati’s pizza.


Once you’ve had Lou Malnati’s deep dish pizza with buttercrust, nothing will compare.

8. But any deep dish pizza is better than thin.


Chicago is known for its pizza for a reason! Trust us, we know what we’re talking about.

9. St. Patrick’s Day is your favorite holiday.


With the river dyed green, the parade, and thousands of drunk people roaming the streets, how could it not be?

10. And nothing is better than spending the day at the Art Institute.


You know exactly why Ferris Bueller and his friends decided to spend his day off in this cultural gem.

11. Or shopping and eating at Navy Pier.


Nothing beats riding the Ferris Wheel, sitting in the beer garden, and taking in the gorgeous views.

12. Because no matter how windy this city may be…


Sure, it isn’t called the Windy City because of the wind, but it’s still pretty windy.

13. You think the Second City is second to none.


Because it's true.

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