Quiz: You’ll Only Get 10/15 On This Test If You’ve Travelled The World

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Are you a true cosmopolitan??

Think you're a world traveler? Take this quiz to see if you really have knowledge on all the cultural norms of other countries!

 Jun 20, 2017

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In India what food would you NEVER eat?

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How should you greet someone in Japan?
Shake hands

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T or F: New Zealand has more sheep than people.

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What is the most common language in China?

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In Mexico, what is Dia de los Muertos?
a day to celebrate Mexico's independence
New Years eve celebration
to honor dead loved ones

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When greeting a good friend in England you _____.
kiss on the cheek
shake hands

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T or F: In Argentina fashion is very important.

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In Spain what is common for people to do in the afternoon?
go shopping
take naps
church services

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What is the other common language spoken in Canada (besides English)?

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Which of the following is The Netherlands NOT known for?

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What is the name of the famous church in Spain?
Sagrada Familia
Notre Dame
Hagia Sophia

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What do the Irish have a reputation for?
kissing on the cheek when meeting
serious attitudes
wit and humor

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What is the hula?
traditional dance in Hawaii
traditional meal in New Zealand
traditional greeting in Fiji

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In what city is the Louvre found?

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In Thailand, it is customary to keep your head lower than whom?
Those who are important or older
Those younger
Those with less money
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