Can You Get Laser Hair Removal During Your Period?

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Know the facts before getting laser hair removal while on your period.

Laser hair removal has become popular, but what happens if you get your period? You can still get laser hair removal during your period! Laser hair removal during your period is nothing to worry about! There are many myths about laser hair removal during your period and we busted them!

Concerns while getting laser hair removal while on your period are understandable but are nothing to worry about. Here we discuss some of the common misconceptions and concerns women have when they are considering getting laser hair removal during their period.

Are you considering laser hair removal? Learn about the myths involved with getting laser hair removal during your period.



Laser hair removal during your period was once believed to cause your period to become irregular. This old myth said the treatment would cause a change in hormones. The laser hair professionals have quickly come to say that there is no evidence of this happening. Any irregularity experienced during treatment is most likely prompted by something else.

Increased Sensitivity

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Sensitivity due to the increased blood flow is a possibility, but not a major concern. Most people do not have this issue when they are getting laser hair removal during their period. If you know you're super sensitive, try icing the area before the laser hair removal begins.

Lower Pain Tolerance

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Increased blood flow and a shift in hormones that results in some people have a decreased pain tolerance while they receive laser hair removal while they are on their period. This might cause women to reschedule their appointment so the pain will not be higher than usual. Medical professionals have determined that it is not enough of a difference to make it necessary to reschedule.


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Taking ibuprofen is common during your period, but if you take ibuprofen before getting laser hair removal you are more likely to develop bruises. Most people do not have this issue, but it is something to be aware of!


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The only special instructions from laser hair centers about being on your period are to wear a tampon if your bikini area is being treated. Your laser specialist is a medical caregiver so they will be professional and understanding if you are on your period. Wearing pads is not recommended since they are trying to make your treatment as sanitary as possible. Try soft cups if you are not a fan of tampons!

It is normal!

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Many people reschedule their appointment for laser hair removal if they get their period. As we have discovered, there is no need to do this. After consulting a laser hair professional, they said it was very common for women to be on their period while getting treatment.

In short, yes! It is something completely common. Laser hair specialists are medical professionals who are there to make you as comfortable as possible. While some people find that their period causes them to have a lower pain tolerance, most people do not find this to be true. It all depends on your personal preference and feelings towards being on your period while getting laser hair removal, but there is no need to feel that it is necessary to change your appointment!

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