Quiz: You'll Only Pass This Street Smarts Test If You're From Oregon

How street smart are you when it comes to the Beaver State?

Quiz on the state of Oregon including questions about local craft beers, college football teams, and transportation.

 Jun 04, 2017
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What is the best mode of transportation in Oregon?
the subway
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Where do you get your morning cup of coffee from?
Dunkin Donuts
the local shop around the corner
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What beer do you order at the bar on Friday nights?
Coors Light
a local craft beer
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What do you do when it starts raining?
start crying
pull up your hood and walk fast
dance in the middle of the street
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True or False: You pump your own gas in Oregon.
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What is the best kind of crab?
Dungeness Crab
Mr. Krabs
Alaskan King Crab
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You are at the thrift shop and you find a shirt for $5. What is the price you pay at the cash register?
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What do you call the nut that is used to make nutella?
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What is the best fish to eat?
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What is the significance of Beavers and Ducks?
animals found in Oregon
football teams
characters on a local Oregon children's TV show
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What do you call an Oregon Native?
An Oregonian
An Oregoner
An Oregonite
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During the Summertime, Oregon produces a plethora of...
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