Quiz: You'll Only Get 10/15 On This Test If You Played A Brass Instrument

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One time at band camp...

A quiz on brass instruments including questions about the history of the French horn and John Philip Sousa.

 Aug 30, 2017
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What does labrosone mean?
lip-vibrated instrument
slow sounding
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What piece of music was the 1st orchestral piece to use the trombone?
Beethoven's 5th Symphony
Stravinsky's Rite of Spring
Mozart's Requiem in D Minor
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What is the name of the instrument named after John Philip Sousa?
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How long is all the tubing in a trumpet?
2 ft
10 inches
6 1/2 ft
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Which of the following is NOT a brass instrument?
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What instrument is the trombone derived from?
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What instrument was commonly used by militaries?
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What were the 1st horns made out of?
conch shells and animal horns
animal skin
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What softens and lowers the sound of a brass instrument?
the valves
the player's breath
a mute
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What instrument plays the lowest notes in the brass section?
French horn
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Despite the name, where was the French horn invented?
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Despite having only 3 valves, how many notes can a trumpet play?
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Early jazz bands used this instrument as a replacement for the stringed bass.
alto saxophone
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Where does the sound come out of in brass instruments?
the player's mouth
the valves
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Which of the following is a brass instrument?
French horn
tenor saxophone
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