Quiz: You'll Only Get 10/12 On This Test If You Grew Up In Las Vegas

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A quiz on Sin City, also known as Las Vegas, including questions on Vegas slang, popular food choices, and observation towers.

 Jul 03, 2017
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What Las Vegas eatery promises that any diner over 350 pounds eats for free?
Culinary Dropout
Heart Attack Grill
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What is the brightest place on Earth?
Las Vegas Strip
New York City
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What is the tallest, free-standing observation tower in the U.S.?
the Empire State Building
the Space Needle
the Stratosphere
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Las Vegas consumes 60,000 pounds of this seafood a day:
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What does "Las Vegas" mean in Spanish?
the music
the meadows
the lights
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What is grey water?
contaminated water from atomic bomb practices
water with grey food coloring
recycled water from sinks, bathtubs, and showers
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What does it mean to be 86'd?
to be gifted free drinks from the bartender
to win $86
to be kicked out of a casino
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What is the eye in the sky?
surveillance in the casinos
the nickname for Las Vegas's pigeon population
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What is a stiff?
a crisp dollar bill
a bad draw
someone who doesn't tip
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What is in Las Vegas's Black Book?
a list of Vegas's top spenders
a list of people who are banned from all casinos
a list of Vegas's best showgirls
11 of 12True or False?
It rarely gets to be over 100 degrees in Vegas.
False. Very false
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Surprisingly, which of the following is illegal in Las Vegas?
Eating at three restaurants in one day
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