Quiz: This Quiz Will Reveal The True Color Of Your Soul


Are you an old soul or a young soul? Take this quiz to find out!

Personality quiz to figure out what color is your soul. Are you a fearless red leader, an old blue soul, or a cheerful yellow spirt?

 Oct 24, 2017
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What do you value most in a relationship?
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Which of the following would make you happiest?
a successful life
a quiet content life
a happy exciting life
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What activity would you most like to do?
go to a party with friends
run a relay race
read a book
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Do you worry a lot about things that are beyond your control?
yes, I worry about everything
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How do you pick your Halloween costume?
I put together things I already have
I wear the same costume every year
I craft something new off of the internet
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You have to put a piece of furniture together, how do you begin?
wing it
follow the instructions exactly
grab a friend to help
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What is your greatest fault?
keeping to yourself too much
daydreaming too much
being too critical
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How would people describe you?
a good listener
the life of the party
a good leader
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Your friend is upset, what do you do?
offer them a shoulder to cry on
tell them to pull themselves together
cheer them up with a movie day
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Do people tend to notice you when you walk in a room?
I don't know
yes, I enjoy making an entrance
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How do you pick what restaurant you're going to eat at?
I go to my usual place
I go by recommendations
I love trying new places I've never been before
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How would you describe your work space?
incredibly chaotic
an organized mess
neat and tidy
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Do you make new friends easily?
It takes me a long time to loosen up around people
Yes! I love meeting new people
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What is your dream job?
movie star
college professor
President of the United States
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What is your favorite tradition?
spending holidays with family
making goals for the new year
a summer vacation to somewhere exotic
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